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On this page, you will find resources and information for building a stylish wardrobe.

How to Dress Your Body Type


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There are six basic body types. Not all women will fit into these categories but this guide will give you an idea of what styles are most flattering for your body type.

Hourglass Body Type: you’re a curvy girl with a tiny waist. This body type is the least common among all women. Your hip and bust measurements are typically the same size.

  • V-neck wrap dress will be flattering for your bust and pulls in at the waist, which is your smallest part.
  • V-necklines in general are flattering for your body type.
  • Tailored clothing, such as blazers compliment your figure.
  • Tight clothing wraps around your curves and accentuates your body.
  • Avoid shapeless tops and dresses that hide your figure.

Oval: you carry most of your weight in your midsection and oval is one of the most common body types. Your waist measurement is typically larger than your bust and hip measurements.

  • Wear empire waist garments because it accentuates your smallest part, which is just below your bust.
  • Draw attention to the waist with belts or tops and dress that cinch at the waist.
  • Show off your thin legs with skinny jeans and shoes that make your legs appear longer.
  • Prints can camouflage the midsection and take attention away from it.

Triangle: also known as pear shaped. You’re typically seen as a curvaceous woman with wider hips and narrow shoulders. You carry most of your weight in the lower half of your body and generally have a smaller bust.

  • Choose tops, scarves and dresses that have volume on the top of your body and slimmer on the bottom.
  • Avoid skinny jeans that will make your hips look wider. Instead wear straight or boot cut jeans that flare only slightly away from the ankle and make your legs look straighter from top to bottom.

Inverted Triangle: opposite of a triangle shape and commonly referred to as an apple shape. You had wider shoulder and narrow hips. You carry most of your weight in the upper section of your body while the lower half is slimmer.

  • V-necklines are very flattering on your body and draw the eye away from your shoulder.
  • Flared leg or boot cut pants balance out your curvy bottom half. Similarly flared skirts.
  • Choose skirts and dresses that have volume on the bottom and slimmer on top.

Rectangular; you have an athletic body that is long and thin but lacks curves. Your weight is carried evenly throughout the top and lower halves of your body. Your bust, waist, and hip measurements don’t vary that much.

  • A-Line dress and skirts that cinch in at the waist to create the illusion of curves on your body.
  • Add volume on top and bottom to make those areas appear bigger. This could be ruffles, embellishment, or drape able fabric.
  • Use belts to your advantage. Cinch in a thick jacket with a belt to show off your waist.

Checklist of Wardrobe Basics for Women


  1. Black Tank Top
  2. White Tank Top
  3. Black Short Sleeved Top
  4. White Short Sleeved Top
  5. Black Long Sleeved Top
  6. White Long Sleeved Top
  7. Solid Colored Tunic Top
  8. V-Neck Top
  9. Crew Neck Top
  10. Black Cardigan
  11. White Cardigan
  12. Plain Colored Sweater
  13. Dark Wash Denim
  14. Black Denim
  15. A Pair of Skinny Jeans
  16. Black Trouser/Dress Pant
  17. Solid Colored Button Down Top
  18. Black Leggings
  19. Simple Black Dress
  20. Simple White Dress
  21. Classic Shirt Dress
  22. A-Line Dress
  23. Classic Black or Gray Pencil Skirt
  24. Denim Jacket
  25. Lightweight Zip-up Hoodie
  26. Neutral Colored Ballet Flats
  27. Classic Black Heels
  28. All Purpose Sandals
  29. All Purpose Sneakers
  30. Classic Black Boots
  31. Rain Boots
  32. Snow Boots (depending on where you live)
  33. Waterproof Raincoat
  34. Classic Khaki Trench Coat
  35. Heavy Winter Coat (depending on where you live)
  36. Classic Black Blazer
  37. Little Black Bag/Purse
  38. Well Fitting Bathing Suit (two piece or one piece)
  39. Well Fitting Nude, White, and Black Bras
  40. Sports Bra
  41. Simple Black or White Bralette
  42. Convertible Strapless Bra
  43. Black and Brown Belts
  44. Variety of Underwear Styles for All Occasions
  45. Athletic Top
  46. Athletic Shorts
  47. Athletic Pants
  48. Matching Pajama Set