Sketching 101


On this page, you will find resources and information to help you learn the basics of fashion sketching including; basic sketching supplies and how to draw a fashion figure.

Basic Sketching Supplies

  1. Pad of paper. I suggest sketching paper for pencils and multi surface paper for markers, paint, etc.sketch pad
  2. Sketching pencils that range from 4H to 4B. The numbers and letters refer to a graphite scale and how much of a mark it leaves on the page. An H pencil leaves less of a mark than a B pencil. This is important for shading.
  3. Colored pencils specific for drawing. I currently use Blick brand pencils.pencils
  4. Pencil sharpener
  5. Blender pencil & markerblenders
  6. Paint. The type depends on your style and skill level. Some artists like to oil or watercolor. Right now, I just usual regular, acrylic craft paint. I use mixing techniques to create shades. However, I am interested in learning to use watercolors.
  7. Paint brushes of varying sizespainting
  8. Fine tip and thick tip markers. I currently use Blick brand markers that are dual tipped.markers.jpg
  9. Ultra-thin tipped Sharpie or other black pen for outlining.
  10. Good Quality Eraser
  11. See-though Ruler
  12. Skin tones in markers, pencils, paint, and any other mediums.
  13. Portfolio: to keep your finished work safe and organized.
  14. Optional: Easel, Light Box (for tracing), charcoal, chalk, oil pastels, etc.

What is a Croquis

Croquis is a French work that means sketch. In fashion, a croquis is a stylized figure. It is typically 9 heads tall and meant to represent a fashion model. Drawing fashion croquis is not a realistic type of drawing. It is meant to look stylistic and not like a real human body.

How to Draw a Fashion Croquis

sketch book

This textbook was what I referred to for my fashion sketching course that I look in college. Here are some step by step guides and tips to help you draw your own fashion figure.


Begin by creating a grid on your sketch paper.

grid 2

Use the grid to draw a proportionally correct fashion figures.

croqui 4

croqui 2

croqui 3


Once you’ve completed your first croqui, use it as a guide to adjust the poses and create a variety of personalities.