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Every one has a “security blanket.” An item in their life that makes them feel comfortable, more like themselves, and hides them from the rest of the world. It could be a literal security blanket. A blanket that your grandmother knitted for you when you were a child and provides comfort at the end of a difficult day. It could also be a figurative security blanket. Your lucky sweater that you wear on days when you need an extra boost of self-assurance. A special perfume with a scent that reminds you of home and adds a little cheer when you are missing it. Or, in this case, a cozy scarf  that has been with you through two jobs lay offs, shielded your body during times when you were unmotivated to workout and stick with you diet (we all have those days), and when you are in need of something consistent in an ever changing world. You tie it around your neck like a security blanket and feel a sense of ease each day as you leave the house.

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A scarf can add a sense of security in many situations that could arise in your life. A red and black buffalo checkered scarf may help you feel less vulnerable and exposed after a sudden breakup. A colorful, patterned scarf paired with a blazer might be just bold enough to exude confidence and make you stand out in a room full of black suits at a job interview. When you notice a cute boy wearing the same blue and gray scarf supporting the home team at the arena, an easy ice breaker is created. Without the common threads, you may have been too nervous to strike a up a conversation with him otherwise. Will you be adopting a scarf as your new security blanket?

 A scarf, like all fashion, is a form of self expression and can be a glimpse into your personality. Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories and everyone should own a variety to mix and match during cooler, transitional months. There are many different shapes, styles, and fabrics that scarves are made of and each have different purposes. A thick, knitted, wool, infinity scarf can be used for physiological purposes such as keeping the body warm during cool temperatures, but may be too warm to be worn in indoor temperatures just for fashion. A thin, woven, cotton, fringe scarf can be used for aesthetic purposes including; adding color, pattern, or texture to an outfit. It can dress an outfit up or down, create interest for an otherwise simple look, and hide anything you don’t want to be seen (like that coffee stain from your commute this morning).

Scarves, as well as other accessories, change with the season and current trends. While it is a subtle change, unlike clothing trends, they are altered over time. In recent years, chunky, knit, and blanket scarves are among the most popular styles. In past years, thin, silk scarves used to be the preferred look. Keep up with what’s trending outside of just clothing trends to always have an up-to-date look. Pair them with a jacket, chunky sweater, long-sleeved dress, t-shirt, or cardigan for a cozy and chic fall vibe.

My look is a blanket style, plaid, fringe scarf that I paired with an on-trend fall sweater with ruffled bell sleeves. There are many classic and unique ways to style a scarf, here are just a few:

Shop this scarf and other similar styles here

Shop the sweater here

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