When In Doubt

Welcome back, fashionistas!

Have you ever had one of those mornings where your alarm doesn’t go off and you over sleep, rush to get ready, spill food or coffee on your clothes, and realize you forgot about a deadline at work? You simply grab a dirty pair of black jeans and an old gray sweater and just head out door without another thought. I think we’ve all experienced this feeling in one way or another; like the day can only get worse from here. If you leave the house feeling pessimistically about the day ahead of you, then the worst is yet to come.

Want to know what you should wear when you wake up in a bad mood or had a bad day at the office?

My style secret is simple – wear a bright color or your favorite color.

Psychology has proven that wearing bright colors improves your mood, productivity, and give you a more optimistic outlook. Who wouldn’t want that? As an added bonus, it might just rub off on your pessimistic co-worker who can’t stop complaining about their problems. It also looks like you put more thought into your outfit than throwing on a dull shade nobody is going to remember. Even on your worst days, you should want to make a good impression because you never know who you could run into at the coffee shop or the grocery store.

Wearing your favorite color will help you feel more like yourself. On days when your feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, perhaps wearing a jacket in your favorite color blue will make you feel more tranquil and at peace. Maybe you’re having a bad case of the Monday blues (I know I will be tomorrow!), wearing bright pink shoes will put the spring back in your step. Wear the clothing that you think shows off your personality and tells people who you are; including yourself. We all need reminders some days.

My favorite color happens to be a bright color – coral (so much so it was the color that my bridesmaids wore!) Shades of red portray confidence, boldness, energy, and creativity (like the BCBG dress I’m wearing). When I’m not feeling like myself or I wake up having a bad day, I try to wear coral (even if it is just on my lips). It reminds me of the person I want to be because I don’t want to be the girl with the dirty black jeans and an old gray sweater. People question if she showered today or forgot to do her laundry this weekend. Nobody wants to be that girl. I want people to remember me if they pass by me on the street. I want people to be drawn to what I’m wearing and appear approachable. Most importantly, I want to evoke happiness in myself.


Next time your running late and your tempted to throw on the first thing you see, I challenge you to look a little deeper. Find something in your closet that means something to you. A bright yellow scarf that makes you feel happy or your favorite red coat that makes you feel empowered. Chances are you’ll have a better day and be able to put your rough morning behind you. When in doubt, wear red- or whatever color makes you feel your best!

Until next time.


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